Friday, November 17, 2006

New Compiler, New Computer

Yesterday, I released Cobra 0.2. This is the new compiler written in Cobra itself and delivered as a .NET exe (previous versions were Python programs).

Now Cobra will return to a fairly regular release schedule of once per month.

Today, I received a new MacBook Pro 17" 3GB Intel Core 2 Duo. It's bad to the bone. Assuming that Mono runs on it, all future Cobra releases will be tested on Novell Mono on Mac as well as Microsoft .NET on XP Pro. In fact, I plan on running a copy of XP Pro on Parallels on Mac OS X so I can literally use both operating systems at once. I'll have ready access to all that is Mac as well as Visual Studio 2005. Search the Internet and you'll find several existing blog posts of people doing this successfully. In fact, that was the tipping point for me to finally take the plunge into Mac.

By the way, I was a major NeXTstep user back in the day. It feels good to "come home."


daniel said...

looks pretty cool.

is there any plans for an interactive interpreter ala python and boo?

daniel said...

one more question:

is it possible to use spaces for indentation instead of tabs?

Chuck Esterbrook said...

Wow, sorry for the late reply! I thought Blogger was going to email me when comments were posted, but apparently not.

Yes, I have plans for an interactive prompt, but fleshing out the rest of the language and docs will precede that.

Currently, spaces cannot be used, but if people report that tabs are too inconvenient for them (or rather, their editor), I will add support.

Chuck Esterbrook said...

Support for space-based indentation was added tonight, so it will show up in the next release. It is still an error to mix tabs and spaces in the indentation of a particular line.