Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Reaping The Benefits Of Cobra

MSDN Magazine has published an article, Reaping The Benefits Of Cobra by Ted Neward. There's nice coverage of key Cobra features and their advantages.


maria said...

Very few people in this world use Cobra Programming Language. And one who knows it then it would be great to work with.
James from sprachreisen barcelona

Chuck Esterbrook said...

Well we hope to grow our community year over year as has been done with prior languages such as Ruby and Python.

Yes, people who learn Cobra pick up some nice skills and habits. Some people have reported becoming better programmers even when going back to other languages.

Thanks for the comment.

James- SEO Expert said...

Hey Chuck..

I am with you. we need to grow the Cobra community..

James Sprachkurse England

Jeremy Jones said...

Infact we have started working...but I am afraid that it will take more time and either it will be so popular or not..so doing all things wont' result anything..i m bit afraid..


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