Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cobra 0.9 has been released

The newly released Cobra 0.9 provides language refinements, library additions, new samples, new koans, an improved @help directive and expanded documentation. Of course, plenty of bugs have been squashed and locked out with an expanded test suite. See the official release notes for full details.

Cobra runs on .NET 2.0+ and Mono 2.6+. A JVM back-end is underway.

Cobra is a community-driven, open source project under the MIT license.


Unknown said...

Hello Chuck,
does Cobra have a way to extend the syntax, something like a macro, that gets attached to a function and generates code at compile-time?

I am interested in experimenting in language design, but don't want to start a whole new language just for that.
If Cobra supports that, I can test those extensions.

thanks, kobi

Chuck Esterbrook said...

No, Cobra does not have an extensible syntax.