Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cobra 0.4 Released, "Why Cobra?"

Cobra 0.4 has been released:

Also, a Why Cobra? document has been added and Coding for Quality has been broken out so that it can be directly linked to (it's important).

Feedback is always welcome:
contact -AT- cobralang -DOT- com


jonathansamuel said...

Will Cobra run on DotGnu Portable.NET?

Chuck Esterbrook said...

Off the top of my head, I don't know. But if it supports .NET 2.0 (generics), I would say there is a fair chance.

I'm busy enough right now with .NET and Mono, but if someone reports a specific problem with DotGnu, I will be willing to look into it.

Are you running DotGnu Portable.NET on a device, and if so, which one(s)?

Also, might I ask how you came across the cobralang.com site and/or this blog? Thanks.

Bet's On said...

Hey, I just saw cobralang.com -- someone on the Boo mailing list linked to it a few minutes ago.

Looks pretty neat.

On your doc's "hello world" example though I notice that your code examples (the ones that return a list[int]) don't have a return statement associated with them. Is that an error, or is it similar to Nemerle's return-the-last-shit-that-happened feature?

Chuck Esterbrook said...

Hey "Bet's On", I recognized your name from the Boo discuss list. (I was active with Boo for a little while-you can find my posts with my name.)

Those are keen eyes of yours. The missing return statement was a bug that I've now fixed. The How To's and Samples will be better since I execute those periodically.

Bet's On said...

Hey chuck.

Yeah, I thought your name looked familiar after I commented, so I dug through my mailing history and found that you put up some JIRA issues.

Not surprised you dodged Boo -- things were pretty rocky back then, but they've gotten a bit better.

Good luck with it.

And parameterless method invocations mean no ability to pass methods-as-objects!

randomClosure = { variable| foo-bar(variable) }

(insert into hash or dictionary, retrieve later)

Chuck Esterbrook said...

Invoking a method is far more popular than referencing/passing a method. So I made method invocation the syntactically clean case (obj.toString.trim) and method reference the verbose case (ref obj.someMethod). Also, the use of "ref" immediately clues you in to what's going on as you read code left-to-right.

The reason you don't see this in the docs is that I haven't implemented it yet.

Bet's On said...


You know, I actually like that way.

Any plans to let us have a peek at the source code, or is this an entrepreneurial effort?

Thank God for Firefox spellcheck, because I had no idea how to spell "entrepreneurial."

Chuck Esterbrook said...

Glad you like it.

This is currently a shareware/entrepreneurial effort because that's my current best plan for being able to work on Cobra full-time at some point.