Saturday, March 24, 2007

The 400

Forget about the 300... Cobra hit 400... test cases tonight. It looks like a nice, strong number when the test suite finishes:

400 Tests in 00:04:40.7474784.

I suppose there are really 401 since the compiler is written in Cobra and forms the last and most complex test case.
So Cobra 0.5 is coming up. It will feature:

  • A new trace statement to aid debugging (think "print statements on steroids").

  • Support for optional dynamic typing. Pick static or dynamic at your pleasure.

  • Better error checking and messages.

  • Better "cobra -test" behavior.

  • The usual round of refinements and bugfixes.

I'm in the home stretch for this release with more testing, documentation and packaging to do. And I'm pretty excited about carrying Cobra all the way to a 1.0 release this year!

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